Rhino Tiles – perhaps the most northern German product – Robust, durable, defies all resistance and looks sheer.

As the name suggests; even we don’t have anything more robust for the floor. Flame-retardant (FR), reusable and extremely resilient.

The clever puzzle design makes them easy to install. The shape ensures that they stay in place. Strong yet easy to move, they adapt to the contours on deck (or in your garage).

Dismantling is just as easy. Easy to stack on pallets for storage and transport, ready for the next use.

Special mention should be made of the durability, which means that the tiles can be reused several times and become fixed assets.

Even temperature differences, weather and direct sunlight do not bother Rhino Tiles. They also provide good thermal and acoustic insulation.

The tiles are light in relation to their load capacity. One tile weighs only 2 kg.

Is your interest piqued? – Our service:

Rental, laying or simply selling the right amount. We will gladly help you with the planning! You can get Rhino Tiles from us piece by piece for your own garage or on pallets for the shipyard. For smaller or larger construction projects we will be happy to come along and install the floor protection.


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