Zipper for Zipwall


Heavy-duty zippers with a larger adhesive surface for better grip for quickly creating an entrance into a plastic dust protection wall.

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The red heavy-duty zips quickly create an entrance in a plastic dust barrier for easy entry and exit from the work area. They work at temperatures below 12.8 ° C, have a larger adhesive surface than standard zippers and therefore last longer. They are 7.62 cm wide, made of fabric and offer maximum durability. They are ideal for areas with heavy through traffic. The patented ZipperKnife ™ film cutter prevents the plastic film from getting caught in the zipper. The ZipWall® heavy-duty zipper, 2-pack contains: two zippers, two flap holders and a ZipperKnife ™ film cutter. Weight: 0.31kg Dimensions: 28cm x 89cm x 89cm

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